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Welcome to Groomer Has It. A dog grooming Salon located in Fulwell, Sunderland.


Established in 2008, we are the salon that puts your dog first. One dog done at a time (or more than one from the same family), with an average grooming time of 70 minutes per dog. Your dogs are not kept in cages for several hours like many salons.

Reasons to pick us

Only one dog in the salon at a time!
As we prefer to give our full attention to your pets we only take in one dog at a time (or more from the same family). Your dogs will never be put in a cage and are at no risk from other dogs. No factory line style grooming here, with 2 people constantly giving your dog their full attention, and no leaving your pet for hours on end.

Our groomer was trained and qualified at a private grooming school, and now has 7 years dog grooming experience.

Fully insured

We keep a record of your pet on file, so when you return we will know all we need to. Allergies, likes and dislikes, preferred styles, no need to go over all the details again.

A dog shower room (see photos) no claustrophobic salon style baths

We offer a range of services, from a bath to a full groom. Styled to breed standard or owners request.